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  • Tough Galvanised Steel Coating
  • Traditional Apex Design
  • Versatile Garden Storage
  • Wall thickness: 0.25mm
  • Steel Foundation Kit Included
  • Large 11x10 Size
Overall Dimensions (Includes Overhang)
  • (A) Width: 3.40m (11ft2)
  • (B) Depth: 3.19m (10ft6)
  • (C) Eaves: 1.67m (5ft6)
  • (D) Ridge: 2.10m (6ft11)

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no fuss returns

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BillyOh Boxer Apex Metal Shed

Low Cost, Galvanised Steel Storage Shed

Optional Foundation Kit Available
All Fixings and Screws Supplied
Assembly Instruction Materials

BillyOh Boxer Apex Metal Shed Key Features

Low Cost & Corrosion-Resistant

Wider Size Options

Windowless for Out-of-Sight Storage

Tough Galvanised Steel Coating

Easy Installation

Ideal for Everyday Storage Needs

Hot-Dipped Galvanised Steel Panels for Enhanced Durability

Plenty of Storage Capacity

Supplied Vents for Added Air Circulation

Windowless with Lockable Door Handles

Supplied Roof matches the Side Panels

Floor Options are Available

What's Included

  • Deluxe Steel Padlock
  • Value Tool Set
  • BillyOh Partner Apex Metal Shed
  • Steel Foundation Kit
  • Fixings and Screws
  • Assembly Instruction Manual

High-Roofed Heavy-Duty Metal Shed

High-Roofed Heavy-Duty Metal Shed

Strong Galvanised Steel Construction

Strong Galvanised Steel Construction

Wider Size Options for More Room

Wider Size Options for More Room

Traditional Apex with Extra Tall Design

Traditional Apex with Extra Tall Design

The BillyOh Boxer Apex is a heavy-duty shed which is constructed using tough galvanised steel. If you’re looking for a durable shed to store your gardening tools and carry out DIY tasks, this weatherproof metal shed is an ideal choice.

With a ridge height measuring 195 cm and a wall that’s 165 cm high, the steel shed provides you with an expansive space for storing heavy-duty equipment and valuable DIY tools. The tall design and sliding double doors allow you to move in and out of the building comfortably.

We supply the BillyOh Boxer Apex Metal Shed in a range of sizes and colour options to suit your garden. You can also add an a steel foundation kit to your order for easy installation. The BillyOh Boxer Apex has a traditional apex design which complements a traditional garden setting perfectly.

Wide Ranging Size Options

We know that gardens vary in size and that’s why we’ve created the BillyOh Boxer Apex Metal Shed in a huge range of sizes to suit all gardens. For storing light items such as your gardening tools, we have smaller variants you can choose from.

However, when storing larger pieces of equipment and tools, the larger sizes are exactly what you need. This versatile shed can even be used a as a workshop. Store away your lawnmowers, generators, BBQ’s, furniture sets and more. There’s a size to suit all!

Wide Ranging Size Options
Expansive Sliding Double Doors

Expansive Sliding Double Doors

The steel shed incorporates sliding double doors, which makes accessing the shed as easy as possible. Moving large or bulky items in and out of the Boxer Apex is virtually stress-free.

Sliding double doors maximise space inside the shed which is handy for the smaller size gardens and enables you to store more items. The doors handles are lockable which means your storage goods are safely secure when the building is not in use.

Hardwearing Galvanised Steel Construction

Metal sheds are known for their hardwearing and durable properties. The BillyOh Boxer Apex is no exception. Constructed using galvanised steel, the shed is protected against corrosion and damage from harsh weather all year round. It is also roll formed with deep ribs for extra strength and fire resistant.

Another great advantage of the strong, galvanised steel construction is that the building is maintenance free. Unlike wooden sheds, steel sheds require no treatment to stay weatherproof and protected from the elements.

Hardwearing Galvanised Steel Construction
Range of Colour Options Available

Range of Colour Options Available

The Boxer Apex is a reliable storage shed which has aesthetic appeal too. Choose from different colour options to suit your garden style. The shed comes in three colours to choose from; Dark Green, Light Brown and Warm Grey. These provide a stylish finish to the durable metal shed and enhance the look of any garden.

Foundation Kit

A steel foundation kit is included for easy installation and support for the building. The advantages of using a foundation kit is that it is cost effective and specially made to suit your shed. A foundation kit also keeps the items inside your shed protected.

Foundation Kit
Fits Through A Standard Door

Fits Through A Standard Door

The BillyOh Boxer Apex Metal Shed comes with a comprehensive manual which includes step-by-step instructions on how to build the shed. Delivered with necessary fixtures and fittings, the metal she is simple to assemble and takes five to six hours to erect.

The shed also comes in flat pack form which can fit through a standard door. Even if you don’t have direct access to your garden, you can transport the shed through your front door and out the back of your house easily.

Dimensions 11 x 10
Width 340cm
Depth 319cm
Eaves Height (Inc Floor) 167cm
Ridge Height (Inc Floor) 210cm
Door Opening Size (w x h) 162cm x 138cm
Door Height 138cm
Door Width 162cm
Width (Internal) 329cm
Depth (Internal) 308cm
Base Width 330cm
Base Depth 309cm
Height 210cm
Materials 11 x 10
Roof Material Galvanised Steel
Floor Material Steel Foundation Kit
Features 11 x 10
Shed Colour Dark Green
Colour Green
Roof Style Apex
Please Note: All products supplied self assembly flat packed unless otherwise stated.